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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  February 7, 2013 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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>> announcer: "news4 midday" starts now. we're following breaks news out of california, a former police officer now accused of killing three people, including a fellow police officer. what happened just hours ago that intensified this already dangerous manhunt. >> every year, in the midst of our busy and noisy lives, we set aside one morning together as one community. united in prayer. that's at the national prayer breakfast in washington this morning, we're going to tell you what the president says abt becoming a better leader. and good morning, everyone. welcome to "news4 midday." i'm barbara harrison. >> and i'm keith russell.
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it's thursday, february 7th 2013. we begin with breaking news. a massive manhunt in los angeles. police are looking for christopher dorner. police say he shot and killed a police officer and killed and wounded another. >> multilaw enforcement agencies for christopher dorner fired back in april from naval service. the first shooting in riverside around 1:30 this morning, pacific time. two riverside county sheriff deputies were sitting the a red light when dorner allegedly pulled up near them and started firing into the patrol car. both officers were hit and taken to the hospital where one died and the other one is now in surgery. there was also another shooting in corona where officers were
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believed to have confronted dorner, bun officer was shot and suffered a graze wound. dorner is wanted in in connection with the shooting deaths of 28-year-old monica kwan who was the basketball coach. quan's father was the first asian-american captain in the l. l.a.p.d. he said in the manifesto, i will be vilified by the lapd and the media. i reports that stem from santa fe to ventura, south of santa barbara. there have been numerous schools that have elected not to open this morning. also law enforcement agencies are involved in the search for christopher dorner. that is the latest from the newsroom. we're going to continue to follow the story.
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we'll bring you more at 4:00. guys back to you. >> all right, tony. a virginia deli owner is still in the hospital recovering from severe burns he sustained when someone fire bombed his shop yesterday morning. there's still a lot of questions this morning about what happened and why. news4 megan mcgrath has the latest. >> reporter: well, the subshop has been closed and closed for quite sometime because of extensive damage. the windows were blown out. the fire department has put up a sign saying the area is unsafe for occupancy. investigators say the explosion was intentional. this was no accident. the big question is, who did if and why. >> reporter: the blast blew out the windows of the sub shop, owner lawrence reese was just outside unloading supplies. reese was seriously burned. he said the explosion caught him completely by surprise. >> i don't have a clue.
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i was unloading my truck. i turned back to look back at the door. i looked up, fire and explosive i wound up falling all over the place. >> reporter: police say the explosion was no accident. this is a criminal investigation. police are looking for a man seen running from the scene. investigators say he may have been injured. the blast caused extensive damage, blowing out the glass and starting a small fire. who would do such a thing and why? reese says he doesn't know. >> that, i don't have a clue. >> reporter: customers we spoke to are also at a loss. they say reese is a very friendly man and that his deli is a good addition to the neighborhood. >> it was just amazing. he's such a nice guy. he sent out a postcard a week ago, talking about having a
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mixer meet and greet down here on thursday evenings, things like that. he really has good food. you see police officers eating in there and everything. it's amazing that this would happen. >> reporter: the blast caused quite a bit of damage, you can see glass shards out here quite a dance from the building. the two businesses on either side were also damaged. the thrift shop is closed some friday. this is again an open investigation, anyone with information, you're asked to call fairfax county police, in lorton, news4. president obama said he turns to the bible to help him be a better man and president. he spoke at the breakfast in northwest d.c. the president hear from community leaders from across the nation. they all took part in the 64th annual breakfast. the president said he sometimes has to search words for console the inconsolable. >> sometimes, i search scripture
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to determine how best to balance life as a president and as a husband and as a father. i often search for scripture to figure out how i can be a better man, as well as a better president. >> the national prayer breakfast has been held every year since 1953. president obama will join house democrats at their winter retreat in virginia today to promote his second term agenda. that meeting will take place at the landsdown resort in leesburg. the president is scheduled to be there this afternoon. right now, parts of the midwest are dealing were a snowstorm that's quickly makes its way east. this is downtown chicago on mission avenue in the past hour. snow with wintry mix are causing delays at chicago's o'hare airport by as much as two hours. take a look at our skies, gray here locally. let's see our sky. there it is. we could get that wintry mix
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joining us overnight. storm 4 meteorologist tom kierein joins us. tom? >> good morning. we've had that all morning long. and temperatures have not warmed up much. we're above freezing. there's a dampness to the air. 37 at reagan national. we're in the mid-30s around the metro area. arlington, fairfax, prince georges county. right near the freezing mark. southern maryland through central virginia, right there in the 30s. prince georges, arlington, fairfax, montgomery counties. as we look at what may happen, two storm systems converging off the jersey coast and forming a major winter storm which is going to be hitting new york city. hartford, providence, portland, maine, into new england. that's going to affect travel up that way and also maybe caution flight delays locally tomorrow. storm team 4 radar showing a few
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areas where there might be flurries trying to reach the ground in loudoun county, fairfax and parts of management county. most of that not reaching the ground. most of that is light flurry activity coming out before it reaches the ground. we could get that, we'll talk about that later in detail. what that storm will do for us. we're going to have some effects from that. barbara. >> we'll feel that in minutes. let's check the midday traffic, danella, how's it going? >> first, we'll start northwest at georgia avenue along morton street. had an accident there, please approach with caution. outer loop of the beltway at 50 into maryland. disabled vehicle. still on the scene here, blocking the center lane, you can see it's a truck here just stop in the middle. you are seeing delays as you travel over the outer loop of the beltway. the inner loop, excuse me. connecticut avenue, you're going to see your left lane taken away
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and some delays as you make your way past wisconsin avenue. barbara? >> thanks, danella. new this morning, we've learned the name of a pedestrian hit and killed by a car in buoy. bowie. latisse brown was killed just after 1 this morning. police say the driver did stay at the scene. we're still looking to find out if that driver will face any charges. this afternoon, the man convicted of killing chandra levy will appear in a courtroom. here's what we can tell you, we know the convicted killer, ig m ig mar guandique. we don't know if the witness is the same man who testified that
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guandique told him he killed chandra sleevevy. >> coming up what could be his last appearance before congress. defense secretary leon panetta answers tough questions about the benghazi attacks. we'll also tell you what we know about the virginia winner of the last night's big powerball jackpot. we just pound out where the ticket was sold. and the american indian museum tackles dinner's ready.
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[ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. happening right now is defense secretary leon panetta's turn to answer questions about the deadly attack in september's attack in benghazi, libya. testifying before the senate armed service committee, they are talking about results of the internal review on the attack on the u.s. consulate. four americans were killed including u.s. ambassador christopher stevens. ted, panetta testified that benghazi was on a list of 300 areas of threat worldwide but no
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specific warning of an imminent attack. >> and frankly, without an adequate warning there was not enough time, given the speed of the attack, for armed military assets to respond. >> panetta noted that the independent review conducted after the attack reached the same conclusion. former senator chuck hagel will have to wait a little longer to find out if he will be the next defense secretary. members of the senate armed services committee decided to delay hagel's confirmation vote which was scheduled for this morning. that's because republicans demanded more information. several senators want more detail of hagel's business dealings and content of past speeches he's made. democrats say the move is just political posturing and they fully expect hagel to be confirmed. what could be a grueling day for president obama's pick to head the cia, john brennan will face tough questions from democrats and republicans during his confirmation hearing. brennan who is the president's
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chief counterterrorism adviser is under scrutiny for using drone strikes to kill suspected terrorists overseas. the senate committee will also likely grill him over his support for the bush administration's interrogation policies. brennan served in the cia or worked in the cia under president h.w. bush. and we're learning more information about the winning powerball ticket worth $217 million. the ticket was sold at the richmond national airport. at the lottery self-serve. 5, 27, 36, 38, 41, and the powerball number 12. if you have friends or family who bought a ticket at the richmond airport, you may want to give them a call to check their ticket. and after you call them, why don't you call us, so we can share. we can all share. >> at least we can share your good news. and tom has news that's not so bad for us because it sounds like we might miss some of the
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real bad stuff, huh? >> yeah, the big storm we've been talk about the last few days, it's going to be affecting some of us. we have cloud cover. this is a live view from the nbc4 camera. a few flurries melting before they reach the ground. at reagan national, a light southeasterly breeze. and parts of southern maryland upper 30s right now. elsewhere, shenandoah valley, the mountain regions a little at freezing. cumberland at freezing, hagerstown and frederick, fairfax, and culpepper, generally in the upper 30s right now. we have these two storm systems. one up here in the upper midwest. another one way down here in parts of atlanta, georgia, montgomery, alabama getting heavy rain there.
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these are converging off the jersey coast and creating a powerful storm. right now, steam team 4 radar showing scattered flurries in gray. prince, fairfax, loudoun and west virginia, a lot of them drying up before they hit the ground. you will see a lot of them come together in the north. all of these areas in the blue and lavender, that's snow. heavy snows in new york, providence, boston. just rain, areas in green, rain tomorrow. but it may begin as a brief period of snow and sleet perhaps around midnight. that will mainly be in the shenandoah valley, out of the mountains. and it will melt on roads. then by friday, by 5:00 p.m., the rain will be ending, then we'll have the wind shifting into the northwest as that storm deepens off the jersey coast into new england. we may get snow showers here friday night. this area in the lavender and
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white. that's a potential zone of snow here. accumulating snow in northwestern maryland. midnight to saturday morning, one to two to three inches there. dawn saturday, though, maybe a few lingering flurries and scattered snow showers just north of washington. the rest of the day on sunday will get the sunshine back. hour by hour, throughout the day today, we'll have the temperatures only reach around 40 degrees by midafternoon. that wintry mix may be moving in briefly. with highs in the upper 40s, ending with strong gusty winds along with the scattered snow showers, by dawn saturday, near 40 in the afternoon. sunday, 20s in the morning, sunshine in the afternoon with highs in the 40s. and as we start off next week, we could get rain by monday. a bit milder air moving in for tuesday, wednesday, maybe up into the mid-50s tuesday. that's the way it looks. >> we could have traffic problems tomorrow morning, huh? >> not here, probably not.
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just wet pavement. >> let's how the traffic is looking right now. >> hey, danella, what can you tell us? >> first, good to hear no traffic problems for tomorrow. i was wondering about that. barbara, thank you for asking. westbound, main avenue, this is 7th street, right in your right lane, there's a man hole that doesn't have a cover. stick to your left to avoid damaging your car. be aware of that if you're traveling southwest. beltway, 50 and maryland, left lane, it's blocked, but it's gone. that outer loop, you're sluggish as you make your way through 50. hopefully, those delays will dissipate shortly. still ahead on "news4 midday" -- a special cooking segment in honor of the chinese new year. we're making a favorite for many folks, dumplings. you can hear it sizzling. and we have advice from our fitness expert steve hayes on
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>> announcer: you're watching "news4 midday." during the month of february, many restaurants in d.c. will offer specials to celebrate the chinese new year. well, starting next week, the source by wolfgang puck is offering a six-course year of the snake tasting menu and even a special dumpling cooking class. source chef john joins us with the new year. welcome back. >> thanks for having me. >> the year of the snake. what's on the tasting menu? i hope it's not snake. >> we have a play on snake. the fish that's wreaking ha ini on the potomac. >> what's it taste like, chicken? >> just like chicken. no, snakehead, it's a great fish. it's a good cooking fish, it
11:24 am
stands up to cooking methods. >> and we are going to make something special today. something that you're an expert at. tell us about it. >> i don't know about expert. but certainly something personal special that i love to eat. it's a traditional dish served during the chinese new year. on the eve of the chinese new year, traditionally, we have dumplings. so we're having a teaching class. >> i'd love to learn. let's do it. >> this is super traditional dumpling. simple. we have pork. a nice fatty pork. >> sausage, too? could you buy sausage? >> you could buy sausage. this is raw pork belly. same kind as bacon just not baked. it's ground. and pork fat. that's going to keep it nice and juicy. simple ingredients a little bit of napa cabbage.
11:25 am
>> napa cabbage? >> at a chinese cabbage. >> you can find these in grocery stores? >> yes. scallions, cilantro, and garlic chive. it's a pungent chive that you find in chinese supermarkets. >> let me smell that. oh, yeah, that's pungent and smells delicious. >> and a lot salt and pepper. >> i see you do it from memory. >> exactly. it takes a little practice. >> and give it a little stir. >> basically, what we're going to do is really mix this together. >> why don't i do that while you do the next stuff. >> perfect. we make the dumpling. at the source, we make the dumpling wrapper. this can be difficult to make, so you learn how to make it from a cooking class, you can also buy these wrappers. >> is it mainly flour and water? >> it's basically flour and water. we use it at the source with bowling water. >> i think i have this --
11:26 am
>> you did a great job. >> so what do i do? >> the next thing you do is put a little egg on the dumpling wrapper. and take a little filling and put it in the center of the wrapper. >> okay. is that too much? >> that's a little too much. we can make enough for two here. perfect. >> and then? >> just put a little bit in the wrapper. and then you're going to pick yours up. putting you to work today. >> yeah, i love it. >> okay. >> you're going to fold it in half. pinch it at the top. there you go, good. and then you're going to make pleats all the way down the side. >> oh, pleats. >> pleats. >> and down the left. the egg makes it stick together. >> i'm russian with mine. i guess i want to do it beautiful. i don't want to run out of time. i want to eat some of this. >> you want to eat it. >> i made mine into a little ball. >> that's the great thing about dumplings. it doesn't matter what they look good. as long as they taste good. the next step, drop them in boiling water. you can drop yours in there.
11:27 am
careful. those are going to cook for about six minutes. those start to float, that's when they're cooked. >> six minutes in boiling water, salt in the water? >> no salt. >> you got those out? >> those came out of the water. you want to add that to a hot saute pan. you hear that sizzle. if you put them in a cold saute pan, they're going to stick and rip. >> any kind of oil? >> peanut oil. a neutral oil that has a high flash point. >> i notice they come out beautifully brown like this. this is the way it's supposed to look when it's finished. i'm going to take a taste. mmm. >> you can make them at home or come into the source and celebrate. >> thanks for coming. what a great way to celebrate the chinese new year. 11:27 is the time. coming up in the next half hour of "news4 midday," the smithsonian society, a scholarly
11:28 am
discussion over the redskins legal name. plus, we're discussing messy weather overnight.
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right now on "news4 midday," president obama is preparing to speak to house democrats at their winter retreat in leesburg, virginia. the president spoke at the 64th prayer breakfast this morning. we're awaiting word on whether or not we'll find out details about mysterious details on the man convicted of killing chandra levy. the d.c. court of appeals will rule whether details involving ingmar guandique will be made public. like those other proceedings, we still don't know what the hearing will be about. today, the washington redskins name will be a hot topic at the museum. some say it's offensive.
11:32 am
some are talking about racial stereotypes in nicknames and logos. live at the newseum with more on the debate. hi, derick. >> reporter: hi, there, this is part of a broader decision. course, the washington redskins will be at home later today. it's part of a broader discussion. countless sports teams, the washington redskins among them have names, symbols or mascots based on native-americans. they all it homage. they say it honors them. now the symposium looks at that issue. and among those taking part is the woman who for 17 years has sought a name change for the redskins through the courts. >> this is our country. in a way that it's no one else's. and we are people of immense patience and steadiness and
11:33 am
foundation. and compassion for the people who don't understand. and we -- rather than hate the people who are doing harm and injury to us, we pity them. we feel sorry for them and we're trying to teach them. >> early 20th century the government set out to destroy indians and to see that there wouldn't be indians going into the 21st century. people felt tree to say the indians are gone and so we're free to use these images. the practical political answer in this day and age, there are so few of us that you can get away with it. and we're not able to generate the kind of consequences that would lead to a change. >> reporter: now, there's no one for the redskins organization taking part that this discussion today. however, indications have the team have been that there is no plan to change the name. even came up or actually didn't come up in mayor grey's state of the district address. but that stirred the issue up
11:34 am
again. this symposium was planned before that. if you want to weigh in, you can comment. go to our facebook page and say what you have to say, we're live outside of the national museum. tonight is the viewing for former maryland delegate christine jones. it's happening at the bethlehem baptist church from 7:00 until 9:00 p.m. jones died after rescuers pulled her from a burning home. she was 83 years old. the funeral service, tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. in just a few hour, hall of famer magic johnson will be in town to try to reduce the stigma surrounding hiv. he'll speak at howard hill hospital around 1:30 this afternoon. johnson retired from the lakers after learning he had contracted
11:35 am
the disease. he has started a foundation for research and to educate the public. and disturbing news about alzheimer's. a new study says a diagnosis of the disease is expected to triple by 2050. about 5 million people are living with alzheimer's right now. that could increase to 14 million over the next four decades. research says it is driven by the baby boomer population. doctors finally have an answer to why we've just experienced our worst years of whooping cough in decades. scientists say they have discovered a new strain that may be resistant to vaccines. they've published the findings in the new england journal of medicine. this new strain had been reported in france, japan and england. we're going check in again with tom kierein with the latest on the forecast.
11:36 am
he's outside on the storm team 4 weather deck. how's it feel out there? >> it is cold. we've got a bitter breeze here at 5 to 15 miles an hour. the temperature and the sky, only in the 30s for most of the area. there's a live look for the camera. showing the cloud cover around the monuments right now. in washington, generally upper 30s in prince george's county. mid-30s, arlington, fairfax and west of the virginia. montgomery county, two storm systems off of the jersey coast by late tonight, midnight to tomorrow may affect us in a peripheral way. but there are a chance as some of the moisture converges on us by the night, maybe a little sleet and snow by late tonight. maybe around midnight or so.
11:37 am
melding on roadways. i don't think we'll have any problems for the morning community. rain likely. into friday, ending friday afternoon. then some wind moves in friday night and gets really gusty. drawing in cold air. maybe snow showers and flurries, high near 40 saturday. a bit warmer, maybe rain monday. milder midday next week. barbara. >> thank you, tom. let's check the midday traffic. i understand there's problems with metro. let's see what danella can tell us. >> yes, on the green line, a disabled train. between maylore road. and georgia, northwest and morton street. the earlier disabled vehicle out of loop 50 in maryland, it's gone. still seeing lays at landover
11:38 am
road. it can be intimidating to walk into a gym and see row upon row of different contraptions. when it comes to getting results the best cardio machine is the one that the most comfortable and burns the most calories. fitness expert steve hayes is here to show us how to get the cardio workout indoors. we're going get you to work. >> you brought deborah with you. >> deborah is my partner and also spin instructor. >> tell us about an interesting piece of equipment you found. >> yes, we were at the leisure fitness, one piece of equipment we got on. it is incredible. keith, at the end of the machine where the rowing machine is, they have water. what it does, it simulates rowing. it works arms, legs and back. as a matter of fact, you've done rogue shows.
11:39 am
>> i've done rowing regattas and broadcast them. and that's calls an erg. they work out when they do that, they work out inside. and rowers are in great shape. >> oh, yes. >> so the next piece of equipment san elliptical, but a stair stepper as well? >> oh, yes, this machine was one of the most unique pieces of equipment i've ever gotten on. this thing simulates the steps. it has a lot of adjustments not only you can work abs -- >> what are you at, level 15 at that point? >> that's level 1. you can adjust it to the point where you can go deeper. and it makes you use the core, hips, abs and quads all at once. and you're working arms because you can move the arms also. >> and finally to the piece that you're on right now. the exercise bike. what's the proper height. where should the feet be,
11:40 am
deborah? >> absolutely. how high you have the handlebars, how high you have the seat and how close you put it in and where you put your arms. in this case, as steve starts to peddle, okay, you want a little bit of bend to your knee. you don't want to lock the knees out. you don't want to be too far out. you know you want a little bend to the back. then in your class, you can get these at home, make the workout hardery adding resistance. >> like -- >> yes, exactly. if you turn that, you can stand, and now you're going into a climbing hill. >> and this is what we know as spinning. this is a spinning class. >> back to the seated. >> you raise up and you go down. now, what i've heard is, correct me if i'm wrong, the knee should never go over the toes and that can cause knee problems? >> absolutely. it's a good guide. just like when you're lifting weights, the knee wants to stay in that line. anytime you're on the bike, it's always important if you feel pain, you want to have the instructor adjust you.
11:41 am
now, maybe everybody has to get adjusted to the back side with the seat and get uncomfortable, but the rest, it should never be uncomfortable. >> quick wellness tip. >> this is national wellness month. please get a checkup on your heart. we've had problems with cholesterol and heart, get a checkup. >> keep peddling. >> you see how steve stopped -- i didn't ask him to stop. good to siee you guys. the time now 11:41. why a high-end store was closed. plus, the toddler, that we
11:42 am
11:43 am
11:44 am
this morning, a popular gourmet market in georgetown is shut down because of a health violation. the d.c. health department
11:45 am
closed dean & deluca because of vermin. the store has had two other health department complaints just in the last few years. fewer americans sought unemployment benefits last week. let's check in with cnbc's bertha coombs, she joins us with that and the headlines. good morning, keith, yeah, we did have unemployment claims down to a five-year low to march of 2008 on that number. but a couple of other economic data points were weak. so we're lower today. wall street also keeping an eye on the big snowstorm which could lightly dampen activity. a lot of traders will go home early. the airlines are expected to rearrange their plans. if you're supposed to fly to or from the northeast on friday or saturday, they will help you reschedule your flights without a change fee. united and southwest have also included chicago where the winter weather is moving in
11:46 am
today. influential apple investor david einhorn is suing the company. saying that the tech giant acts like this grandmother who grew up during the depression era. she didn't spend a dime and felt compelled to hoard cash, worried there would be another crash. he said apple is like that it's amassed $40 billion in cash. that's enough to buy verizon, american or amazon without taking any debt on. and apple should also issue bigger dividends to share holders on. valentine's day. if you're thinking real estate for your honey this valentine's day, barbie's malibu dream house is on the market for $25 million. according to the listing
11:47 am a pink bubble bath and a custom closet for 1,000 pairs of shoe. any barbie fan would at least need that. >> what if i just wanted a bedroom? >> it's interesting barbie's dream house started out in 1952 as a studio. the toy version cost $8. today, to get this version, it's on sale for $140. so barbie's done some savvy moving up when it comes to real estate. >> yes, bertha, barbie is living large. that's for sure. >> see you later. in this week's wednesday's child we revisit a young lady still looking for a forever family. we first met shania three years ago and she's still waiting for that forever home. >> wow, this is so beautiful. >> we were bedazzled by the beautiful beads here. there were boxes of them. and bowls full of amber,
11:48 am
amethyst andal alabaster. and there are walls of beads which caught shania's eye? that one? >> yeah. >> shania chose the purple beads because they liked the color and also the rough shapes reminded here of the rocks she studied in school. how's school going? >> good. >> do have you a favorite subject now? >> science. >> science was shania's favorite subject when we met her three years ago. at 16, she's still hope for a family. >> shania was brought into care around age 3. she's been in care ever since. >> shania decide make a bracelet from the beads she chose here at bedazzle. and the manager showed us where to begin. shania caught on quickly.
11:49 am
>> tell me about justin bieber? >> describe him. >> i'm his biggest fan. >> you are? >> she enjoys an array of activities. she loves to sing. she loves to listen to music. she loves to cook, play basketball and also animals, too. >> and what does she want to be when she grows up? >> a professional organizer. >> a professional organizer? >> organize people's houses. >> now shania would like to make beautiful jewelry. >> you'd like to do that as a child? >> yes. >> and shania was proud of the job she's done. >> i'm serious, this is gorgeous. >> she's also been invited back to bedazzled to take special classes. and hopefully, soon, shania will have a family to appreciate just how special she is. >> if you have room in your home and your heart for shania or another child waiting, please
11:50 am
call the special adoption hot line. the number is 1-888 to adopt me. >> seems like shania is going to shine soon. >> she's a wonderful girl and made so much progress since the last three years when i saw her. the time is 11:30, coming up on "news4 midday," ideas for valentine's day now just a week away. plus,
11:51 am
11:52 am
11:53 am
>> announcer: you're watching "news4 midday." in today's weekend scene, we have some ideas for valentine's day. laroma of the "washington post" is here. things you can do. for places right on the metro? >> that's right. we thought it was a fun idea to provide a list for almost every metro station in the washington area to have a date.
11:54 am
>> let's go through a few. anacostia. >> that's right. the hawn's gallery. this is a great space to see an exhibition called "the points that bring us from here to there." after that, you can stop at big chair coffee, a popular coffee shop. and one my favorite places in the city, the frederick douglas house. >> let's go to crystal city on metro. >> it has one of the indiana ventive theater companies. it's upcoming show is the tempest. one of the cool things, it's performed on a water stage. there's actually water. probably hundreds of gallons of water on the stage. they're kicking it up. it will rain inside. i've seen them do this type of show once before '. and it was amazing.
11:55 am
>> do you need to take an umbrella or raincoat? >> you sit in the first few rows, you do. the dancers have a lot of fun kicking at water at you. the show starts at february 28th. tell me about the embassies you can visit for valentine's day around this area. >> the embassies, they have fine food. austrian embassy has food coming up off the d.c. metro. you can buy tickets at things to do we'll somewhere have the whole list in "the washington post" tomorrow? >> actually for friday. >> for more ideas for the weekend, log into on the going out guide on let's take a look at some stories we're following. pat lawson in the newsroom with the preview. >> hi, keith.
11:56 am
coming up today at news4 at 4:00. the powerball winner. who bought that golden ticket inside the richmond airport? we'll also tell you what lady gaga can't live without in her dressin ining room. and secret hearings. something's up in the chandra levy trial. keith, barbara? >> pat. >> what lady gaga can't live without? >> yeah. >> i know you want to hear that. tom, what's going on with the weather? >> we might have a little wintry precipitation late tonight. it's going to stay above freezing into tonight which is a good thing because as these two storms converge and turn into a major snowicane, dare i say, for new england, we're feeling the peripheral effects of it in the
11:57 am
form of precipitation later this afternoon. right now, storm team radar showing a few flurries trying to reach the ground west of the metro area. later today, just clouds up around 40 degrees for the midafternoon. staying above freezing for the night. any kind of a wintry mix that may come in initially by tonight. maybe a little bit of sleet and light snow will melt on roadways. and just rain elsewhere overnight. then friday, chilly rain for the afternoon. gusty winds blow in friday night. snow showers briefly coming through. temperatures in the mid-20s. winds gusting to 40 miles an hour saturday morning. it will certainly feel like winter. and then a bit warmer with sun back on sunday. >> thank you. from the cold to this young man who is really hot. he's got the hot touch when it comes to basketball. you might have seen little titus' highlight reel on youtube. if you were watching the "today" show you may have seen the
11:58 am
skills live. his performance on national tv did not disappoint either. >> okay. >> i love the way he just takes it from behind his head and just throws it. i mean, he just throws it at the hoop. >> so anybody who thought there was trick photography, no editing to that. >> that was live. he will be a great player. that's "news4 midday." thanks for joining us. tune into news4, 5 and 6 for all the day's news. >> until then, have a terrific day. see you in the morning. [ male announcer ] when your business is powered by verizon, you can do more business per second. and with more reliable internet, that's more per second.
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